Javascript, CSS and HTML Code of Widgets

You may download Javascript, CSS and HTML Code of any of the following widgets and host it from your own site.

Unit ConverterConverts Units of Length, Area, Speed, Weight, Volume and Temperature.
Ideal Body Weight CalculatorCalculates Ideal Body Weight of a person.
Body Fat %ge CalculatorCalculates Body Fat percentage of a person.
BMI CalculatorCalculates Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person.
Digital ClockDisplays day, date, time and salutation (welcome message) as per the time of the day.
Simple CalculatorA Cute Simple Calculator with more functions.
Interest CalculatorCalculates Simple / Compound Interest for various compounding intervals
Recurring Deposit CalculatorCalculates Maturity Value of a Recurring Deposit Account.
Time Deposit CalculatorCalculates Maturity Value of a Time / Term / Fixed Deposit Account.
EMI CalculatorCalculates EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) of Loan / Mortgage
Mortgage CalculatorCalculates monthly payment for a mortgage taking into account taxes and insurance
Affordable Loan CalculatorCalculates Affordable Amount of Loan / Mortgage for affordable EMI
Loan Tenure CalculatorCalculates Repayment Time of Loan / Mortgage for given EMI, Loan amount and Interest rate
Annuity CalculatorCalculate periodical payment of Annuity Amount for lump sum deposit for fixed period.
Bond Issue Price CalculatorCalculates Issue Price of Bonds / Cash Certificates.
Real Rate of Return CalculatorCalculates Actual Return and Real Rate of Return of investments for fixed period of time after adjusting for the estimated inflation rate.
Yield to Maturity CalculatorCalculates Total Yield, Yield to Maturity, Annualized Yield and Percentage Yield of investment in bonds.