Download JavaScript, CSS and HTML Code of Affordable Loan Calculator Widget

This widget calculates Affordable Amount of Loan / Mortgage for affordable EMI for different give loan tenure and interest rate.

Terms for getting the code

  1. The code is available for free use on your site / blog.
  2. You can change the code as you wish, without any restrictions.
  3. The code is not available for onward distribution by you.

Using the Codes

If you own a blog or site, create a 'div' at the location you want the widget to appear on your page and paste all the three codes given below (i.e. Javascript, CSS and HTML) in this 'div'. The widget will appear at the desired location on your page.

In case you do not own any blog or web site, you can use the codes for using the widget off-line. Open any 'text editor' like 'Notepad'. Create a new file and paste all the three codes given below in this file and save it with extension .html or .htm . This file will open in your web browser and you will be able to use the widget offline.

Javascript Code

CSS Code


Widget View

Affordable Loan Calculator
Affordable EMI
Repayment in months
Interest Rate
Affordable Loan
Interest payable
Total payable

Embed Code

If you do not want to go through the hassle of hosting the widget on your site blog, you can put the above widget on your site / blog by just using the embed code of 3-in-1 Loan Calculator, which calculates EMI, Affordable Loan amount and Loan Repayment Time and is available in 9 skin colors and 16 international languages.