About the Prashnavali

Ramayana Prashnavali or Ramshalaka is an extract from 'Shri Ram Charit Manas', authored by the Saint, Goswami Tulsidas. 'Shri Ram Charit Manas', also popularly known as 'Ramayana', describes the life and times of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Ramayana Prashnavali is used to get answers to your questions or predict the outcome of endeavors you want to take. The answers /predictions are based on Chopais (couplets) from Hindu's Holy book 'Shri Ram Charit Manas'.

Prediction Procedure

Ramayana Prashnavali is a 15x15 grid. Each square in the grid has one Akshar (Hindi alphabet) from nine chopais (couplets) of Shri Ram Charit Manas. The user has to close his /her eyes and put his /her finger on the grid. The akshars from every ninth square starting from the square selected are taken and joined. This forms one chopai and the prediction is based on the chopai so formed.

To overcome selection of square by closing of eyes by the user, this gadget has the grid covered by 'OM' image and formation of the chopaihas been programmed.

How to Use
1. Pray to Lord Shri Ram /the God and concentrate on your question.
2. Ask the question in your mind in clear and distinct words.
3. Click once anywhere on the OM image on the next page. Behind this image 225 clickable squares are hidden.
4. Ramayana Prashnavali will get you the answer/prediction to your question according to your click.
5. Please ask only one question a day.
6. Click only once as clicking more than once shows lack of faith in God.
Remember the God and
Click anywhere on the image below
Sun siya satya asis hamari,
Pujahi mankaamna tumahri

This chopai (couplet) has been taken from Baal Kanda. Goddess Gauri blesses Sitaji that her wishes will be fulfilled.
There is no difficulty in fulfillment of your wish. Favorable results are in the offing.
Prabasi nagar keeje sab kaaja,
Hirde rakhi kausalpur raja

This chopai (couplet)has been taken from Sunder Kanda when Hanumanji enters Lanka. It meansPray to the god, everything will be alright.
Road to the success is difficult. You have every chance to succeed. Pray to the God and continue sincere efforts. Favourable result is in the offing.
Udhare ant na hoi nibahu
kalnemi jimi ravan rahu

This chopai (couplet) has been taken from Baal Kanda.
Indications are not good. You may get bad name even if you get success. So, better do not try.
Bidhi bas sujan kusanga parihi,
phani mani sam nij gun anusarahi

This chopai (couplet) has been taken from Baal Kanda.
Indications are not good.Review your association with people around you and drop unwanted ones to get best results.
Hoi hai soi jo Ram rachi rakha,
Ko kari tarak badavahi saka

This chopai (couplet) has been taken from Baal Kanda-first chapter where Lord Shiva explains to Goddess Parvati that everything happenes as per the wish of Lord Rama.
Indications are not very encouraging. Almighty God is Omnipotent and everything happens as per His wishes. Have faith in destiny.
Mud mangalmay sant samaju,
jimi jag langam teerath raju

This chopai (couplet) has been taken from Baal Kanda. The chopai describes benefits of company of good people /saints.
Good people are in your circle. They will provide all the help and support. You will get favorable results soon.
Garal sudha ripu karay mitai,
Gopad sindhu anal sitlai

This chopai (couplet) has been taken from Sunder Kanda and refers to the time when Lord Hanuman was about to enter Lanka in search of Sita. When God favours, poison gives life, enemy becomes friend, sea looks like a small pond and fire becomes cool.
Indications are very much in your favour. Keep Going. Favourable results are imminent.
Varun kuber sures samira,
ran sammukh dhar kahe na dheera

This chopai (couplet) has been taken from Lanka Kanda. It refers to Mandodari, the wife of Ravana, describing Ravana's strength after his death. She says that even Devatas like Indra and Kuber were not able to face Ravana in war.
Result might not be in your favour. Consider to drop the idea. Destiny is inevitable.
Sufal manorath hoy tumhare,
Ram Lakhan suni bhaye sakhare

This chopai (couplet) has been taken from Baal Kanda-first chapter where Rishi Vishwamitra blesses Ram and Laxman that their wishes will be fulfilled.
Indications are favourable. It is a matter of Time.Situations and circumstances will automatically direct you to Success.