Daily Calendars

Widget Info

  • Daily Calendars in native language for 28 major countries of the world.
  • Displays analog Clock.
  • Displays Day and Date in native language.
  • Dynamic width - widget width adjusts to available width.
  • Available in multiple skin colors.
  • A cool utility widget for web sites and blogs.

Customize and Get Embed Code


This widget is bottom aligned. If the height of the widget is reduced beyond its normal height, the widget will get cut from the top.

Set width
Set height
Select Country
Select Skin Color
Embed Code for blog / website

How to Embed this Widget into your site / blog

  • Copy the 'embed code' from above.
  • Paste the 'embed code' between <body> and </body> tags at the location you want the widget to appear on the page.